Why is Python so popular?

Why do programmers love Python? This blog will show why you should choose Python when you’re starting your career in tech.

How I learned Python

I first became interested in programming in Python, when my uncle asked me to make a chat bot. I had never used any machine learning, and so I asked him to help me figure out how to learn. He gave me a small video to watch, which sparked my curiosity in coding and technology. He taught me that the most important piece of a machine learning tutorial is finding and collecting data, so I began to learn to use Python to access all of the web APIs that can gather data from the internet.

From there I began to learn from many other tutorials, and I learned how to make Python scripts to automate tasks. I then began to teach myself more about the fundamentals of coding. I then read various online articles about the strengths of Python, and how it has changed how programmers write code today. And so from there I decided to teach myself to code in Python.

Since then, Python has taught me not only about how to code, but how to make data accessible to other users, including business analysts and non-tech-savvy coworkers. Python has also taught me how to write tests, and how to debug and optimize my code. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the reasons why Python is so popular in tech!

What is Python?

Python is a programming language that is used by programmers to create various applications. The popularity of this language is only rising, and many developers are now choosing to use Python for their future projects.

Python is an open-source programming language, so it is free to use. You don’t need a license or anything like that, and it is the same as any other coding language.

What makes Python great for beginners?

There are three reasons why I love Python.

Firstly, it is easy to use. Anyone can learn to use Python in an hour or two, and you don’t need to take any classes. All you need to do is download the python program. Then, to create a Python script, all you need is a text editor like Notepad++ or Sublime Text. Then simply type code into your text editor. And then you’ll save your code as a Python file.

Secondly, Python is an object-oriented programming language. This means that it can store and manage its data in an easy way. If you are still used to managing your data with spreadsheets, this will make you feel at home! This is one of the reasons why I personally love Python. I’m just able to manage all my data quickly.

Thirdly, it’s easy to create reusable code. This is another reason why I love Python. You can write reusable code, and then simply copy and paste it into your scripts. This will save you tons of time when you create new projects.

How does Python work?

First, Python requires you to use a text editor. Like a spreadsheet program, you’ll need to input code into your text editor. This code will be converted into a Python program. This Python program will be then stored in your computer, and you’ll be able to use it anytime!

Python can be considered to be an interpreted language. This means that it takes a while to convert your program into the language and write it to the computer. This can be a downside to Python.

Also, you’ll need to keep an eye on any memory leaks. Your program can also become unusable if there are memory leaks.

How to choose between Python and JavaScript

Since both of them are similar languages, it will be difficult to tell them apart. Since they both do a bit of the same things, it’s hard to distinguish between them. You can, however, consider the following:

Python: Python is easy to learn, but harder to use for advanced tasks. It is easier to find tutorials. Python is general-purpose. It is good, because you will be creating reusable code.

JavaScript: JavaScript is easy to use, but it can be hard to learn. JavaScript is not as popular, so you may have a harder time finding tutorials. JS is, mostly, used for creating web front-end.

Once you have some Python experience, you’ll want to try JavaScript. JavaScript is a lot more popular, and it’s a language you can definitely use!

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