Will jQuery still be popular in 2022?

We live in a time where web technologies are changing more rapidly than ever before. As many of us know, you’re not quite limited to just CSS and HTML if you’re willing to throw a little JS into the mix. But many of us also recognize that things are going in a different direction. We might be at a point where the frontend developer’s job might as well be done by a bot. In a future where that job can be outsourced, will using jQuery still be important to us? I’m sure there will be plenty of arguments for jQuery being obsolete, and I’ll give it some serious thought myself, but I wanted to get some community thoughts on this matter.

The thing with jQuery is that it wasn’t good enough to be a stand-alone library. Now that it is in core it must become useful, this is where most of the time is going into. jQuery still is a must have to make a website usable and that is not going away any time soon.

Why people think jQuery is obsolete

Well i think its obsolete because JavaScript is becoming more and more advanced, we can create apps in HTML5 and that would be good as it would allow us to have better and easier to use apps. This means JavaScript has become way more advanced than before. If we would make our site’s backend with Java or Python or something like that then that would be great as well. But this isn’t all that easy, and i think we would have to have to a lot of JavaScript to do that. So it really depends on which one you are using.

I think jQuery is very important to modern websites, I mean, I’m not a web developer, I just make blog posts and stuff, but I really use jQuery a lot. I think it can be useful for making things easier.

You could use JavaScript to call the methods of jQuery, but I think it would be better if you just kept using jQuery. But I don’t think jQuery is obsolete, it’s just the way to do things that are now. You should learn to use jQuery and don’t depend on using JavaScript if you want to make a webpage.

Advantages of jQuery

jQuery makes using Ajax easier. If you were to make something for learning, then you should learn how to use jQuery. For making websites and things of that nature, I suggest JavaScript as a better choice.

jQuery has its good and bad sides, you can make things like an application or website with jQuery easy, but on the other hand it could make things like coding a website from scratch not easy.

jQuery is easy to use and has an incredible selection of function. I believe it is one of the most advanced frameworks out there. Many times I hear people say “I’m learning jQuery” or “I’m trying to learn jQuery”, that is a pretty big statement for a web developer to make, because there are so many other frameworks available. jQuery is one of the most used frameworks out there.

2 thoughts on “Will jQuery still be popular in 2022?”

  1. Angular, React, Vue are stupidly complicated for projects where there are a few or a single programmer and for a small app it adds a really unnecessary layer, besides it is NOT ALWAYS useful a single page application, it doesn’t even mean that the page/application in general will go faster, if someone still remembers the “DLL’s hell you can remember it when trying to clone a ### react project and something goes wrong, what can go wrong ?
    because :

    -As the version of NodeJS
    -the version of npm/yaml
    -Some library that requires another one that requires another one….

    -It is also stupid that in development you have to have nodeJS installed to “compile”, how stupid is that?

    (Original comment was written in Spanish)

    • If you are unable to clone a React project, than most likely you encountered an issue of npm ecosystem, not an issue of React. Node.JS is to blame for this.
      Of course, you can consider frontend frameworks as an unnecessary clutter. However, as your project grows, the JavaScript code associated with it will become bigger and bigger, ending up with unreadable mess which could be organized with, say, React.


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