Why should you learn Python?

Python is a dynamic programming language which is highly popular in the programming world. It is usually called as the ‘programming language for the 21st century’. In this article, we will discuss why should one learn Python?

It is one of the important skill that is needed for the programming world. If one can write the logic in the scripting language then it will be very easy to develop web application and desktop application with it.

Here in this post, I have compiled a list of important and interesting features of Python. Check out the below features.

A list of Python features

  • Python programming language is the scripting language in which most of the programming is done.
  • This language has gained a great importance as this is the language which is commonly used.
  • Python and it is highly dynamic programming language. This means that Python is not static or slow.
  • Python is a very easy programming language and it is very suitable for beginners as well as experts.
  • Python provides an open source community with the largest community of Python programmers.

Since its inception, the number of the Python programmers are increasing every year. The most important Python community is python.org. It is the official site of Python Programming Language.

If you are a beginner then you can start by making your own hello-world program. After that you can start creating applications.

Advantages of learning Python

Here’s a quick list:

  • Following are the major advantages of learning Python language.
  • The syntax and structure is simple and elegant.
  • It is an open source language and the source code is available to the public.
  • It has excellent integration with various programming languages.
  • Due to these reasons, it is most preferred language for a beginner.
  • Despite that, it is easier to learn and it is the fastest learning programming language.

Disadvantages of Python

Learning Python language is not a bad thing but it is not good. Below we have mentioned some drawbacks of Python programming language.

As it is not type safe language, you cannot create objects which have the same name. It is always the best to keep a meaningful name for variable.

Sometimes Python is slow, slower than Ruby. It is not critical for network programs, however. But when you write a data processing script, you should use external libraries written on faster languages like C.


So above we have discussed the advantages and drawbacks of Python programming language and now you know, why should one learn Python.t

If you are a beginner, then Python is an excellent option. Once you get to learn it, you will find it a breeze to work with.

However, if you are already an expert, then Python is not a good choice, look forward to C, C++ or something else.

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