What is IoT – the future of IT

The Internet of Things (IoT for short) is the next generation in the evolution of the IT industry. It is a combination of computers and technology that make our lives simpler, convenient and productive. We use IoT devices in our homes, cars, workplaces and in our every day life.

There are various ways in which IoT can benefit the world today. These include:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart homes
  • Healthcare,
  • Agriculture and other environmental applications
  • Entertainment (TV, Radio, Music and Home Cinema)
  • Security
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Smart Cities
  • …and much more

IoT devices will use technology to interact with users and the environment to provide a new, convenient, reliable and safe experience.

They are now available and used to monitor our homes, vehicles, factories, office, and most importantly to protect us. They are built for the modern lifestyles and provide better, more affordable and convenient options to the general public.

What are the uses of IoT?

Let’s explore some of the ways that IoT will transform our lives.

Smart Buildings

You can use IoT to monitor key data like temperature, air flow, humidity and other environmental data, that can be used to assess energy consumption and overall energy efficiency.

Similarly, it can also be used to monitor the usage of the resources like water and electricity. When sensors are embedded into energy saving devices, it helps save on the monthly electricity bill.

IoT devices can monitor the internal environment of a building. It gives real-time monitoring of the air quality, temperature, humidity, and gas. The devices can also provide live video feed, security system or safety in event of fire.

Smarter cars

There are new features and technology coming into the automotive industry to make our lives easier. There are IoT devices used in vehicles that can collect data about our driving, location, how fast we are driving and even how we drive.

IoT devices can be built into a car to monitor the driver’s behavior and make sure that they are not speeding or driving in a risky area. The devices can warn the driver if they are driving over the speed limit or driving too close to other vehicles.

IoT is used in the automotive industry to enhance performance by using data from various sensors to know the vehicles, how much air is getting into the vehicle and how efficiently the vehicle is driving.

Smart Homes

We use IoT in a home to monitor the environment, the security of the house, the safety of the kids, the air quality and the usage of the energy in the home. For instance, they can be connected to a remote security alarm to provide a live video feed if there is a break-in or fire. In addition, devices also provide real-time temperature readings to protect the house from severe weather.

IoT technology is getting more and more advanced. With advances in IoT, the potential applications are endless. It can help people save time, money and even assist the environment by monitoring our usage and improving our lifestyle. IoT devices will keep improving with the help of the internet and internet of things.

IoT Device Development

Today’s devices are getting smarter and more advanced by the day. In the same way, the applications that these devices are using are getting better.

The internet of things has developed IoT devices which helps in the use of technology to communicate with each other and collect data. These devices are a part of the IoT devices. The IoT devices connect each other by an internet connection.

The most popular programming language used for creating IoT tech is Python.

However, many of them still use low-level languages like C or C++, because the hardware microcontroller is not so advanced to run Python yet.

The devices connect to the internet and provide real-time data. It can keep a check on the activity of the house and the family. The IoT devices are making use of an internet connection. They enable monitoring of the house, the environment, devices and other stuff.

Internet of things also helps to find the solutions to energy-saving. It is also known as home automation. IoT devices are used to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and monitor energy.

Benefits of IoT Devices

We are now living in a world where our home is almost a mini-factory. People have become more connected to the internet, technology and smart devices. They are using their smart phones to do the job of the IoT devices. IoT devices also help in monitoring the environment and home, to reduce energy consumption and also increase the efficiency of the home.

The IoT devices can create a new way to be smart and save energy.

1. Data

All the data created on the internet connects to a central database. The sensor collects the data from devices, such as your appliances. The sensors send the data to the database where it can be used for analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology and energy consumption.

2. Security

Your home network should be secure and you should keep an eye on what is happening around you. IoT devices provide remote access to all your home devices, sensors and the internet, which makes it easy for others to access your private data. In other words, they can monitor your home activities and monitor the safety and security of your home.

3. Energy saving

With the use of smart energy saving systems, the efficiency of the home can increase significantly. Therefore, IoT devices are using the data from your appliances to calculate the energy cost and to reduce it. They can also monitor the temperature inside your house, and this helps in creating a smart thermostat system that can save energy, save money.


To sum up, Internet of Things is relatively new technology, which becomes more and more popular. If you want to have a modern IT profession, IoT programming might worth a look.

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