Is Python easy to learn?

Is Python easy to learn?

The popularity of Python has spawned a vast amount of resources and articles on learning the language and programming techniques used in the language. Most of these resources focus on the theory of the language and Python in particular. However, one aspect that is often forgotten in these articles is the ease of learning the … Read more

PHP vs Python for backend

PHP vs Python for backend

Python is one of the most popular programming languages on the web today. Its popularity for high-performance programs is increasing on the web, but PHP is more famous for its simplicity, speed and low costs. Now there are new tools that can help you get a better balance between those 2 languages. This article is … Read more

C++ vs Rust, the difference

Difference between C++ and Rust

I’ve been doing some personal projects that involve programming in C++ for a while now. I’ve been using Rust for the last year to program in the safe and concurrent language. As far as I’ve experienced, Rust is an excellent language. I love it and want to use it for more things. It made me … Read more

Why should you learn Python?

Learn Python

Python is a dynamic programming language which is highly popular in the programming world. It is usually called as the ‘programming language for the 21st century’. In this article, we will discuss why should one learn Python? It is one of the important skill that is needed for the programming world. If one can write … Read more

Python vs Ruby, the comparison

Python vs Ruby

In this article, I am going to try to answer the question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two predominant programming languages, Python vs Ruby. For the purposes of this article, we will be talking only about the programming languages per se and won’t be making any distinctions about their frameworks, programming environments, … Read more

Why is Python so popular?

Why Python is so popular?

Why do programmers love Python? This blog will show why you should choose Python when you’re starting your career in tech. How I learned Python I first became interested in programming in Python, when my uncle asked me to make a chat bot. I had never used any machine learning, and so I asked him … Read more

What is Stack Overflow, how to use it?

What is Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is a great resource for programmers. It’s not a question-and-answer site, not a site for finding help. It’s a site for the community to collect knowledge from one another, a collection of interesting, insightful, entertaining questions. SO is a place where users from around the world come to share their knowledge and learn … Read more