PHP or Node.js for backend

PHP or Node.js

While most websites still use PHP on their backend, Node.js is quickly becoming the “hot new backend technology”. It’s also becoming the most popular backend language for rapid prototyping with, for example, the Express framework. Both PHP and Node.js are open-source, but which one should you use? If you’ve been debating whether to use PHP … Read more

Should you learn Java or Kotlin?

What should you learn - Java or Kotlin?

The Kotlin popularity as a Java alternative is growing. Do you want to see what this popular language offers to programmers? Or is Java already a good option for you? The Java vs Kotlin comparison below highlights the differences between the two languages. The Kotlin Programming Language is a general-purpose programming language which means that … Read more

PHP vs Python for backend

PHP vs Python for backend

Python is one of the most popular programming languages on the web today. Its popularity for high-performance programs is increasing on the web, but PHP is more famous for its simplicity, speed and low costs. Now there are new tools that can help you get a better balance between those 2 languages. This article is … Read more

C++ vs Rust, the difference

Difference between C++ and Rust

I’ve been doing some personal projects that involve programming in C++ for a while now. I’ve been using Rust for the last year to program in the safe and concurrent language. As far as I’ve experienced, Rust is an excellent language. I love it and want to use it for more things. It made me … Read more

Why is GNU/Linux better than Windows?

Why is GNU/Linux better than Windows?

The GNU/Linux Operating System is free and open-source and its source code is available to everyone. There is no central authority telling you what you can do and what you can’t do, so it is more secure than Windows. Since Linux is available to everyone, more people are building and contributing to the software. Another … Read more