Should you learn Java or Kotlin?

The Kotlin popularity as a Java alternative is growing. Do you want to see what this popular language offers to programmers? Or is Java already a good option for you? The Java vs Kotlin comparison below highlights the differences between the two languages.

The Kotlin Programming Language is a general-purpose programming language which means that it is suitable for all kinds of tasks. From small scripts to enterprise applications, it can do it all. But the language is also known for being easy to learn, and for being a close match to Java. It can also be considered as a more “convenient” version of Java. In this article we are going to provide a more detailed overview of the differences between Java and Kotlin. But before we dive into the comparison, we want to show you how you can benefit from the language.

In this article we will cover the major differences between Java and Kotlin. We will also see how you can take advantage of the language for your applications.

What is Kotlin?

What are some of the best languages to learn for Java programmers? If you are someone who has a little experience with Java, or perhaps someone who is willing to move up the food chain, then this article is a perfect choice for you. We are going to look at the similarities and differences between Java and Kotlin.

Kotlin is a programming language that is based on the programming language Java. Therefore, Kotlin is essentially Java with a simpler syntax, a smaller footprint and some improvements. So, you will get Java-like functionality in a smaller language.

The difference between Kotlin and Java

Java is a language originally designed for the development of large, complex applications and frameworks. However, for many developers Java is still the most popular language. Since Kotlin is similar to Java and was developed with the same goal, we can say that Kotlin will make it easier to create robust applications that will perform well and are free of errors.

The main difference between Kotlin and Java is the language syntax and the availability of features in Kotlin. First of all, Kotlin is written in a simple and easy language. It looks the same as Java. On the other hand, the developers have to learn Kotlin in order to use it, unlike Java. Kotlin is more popular than Java.

So, the main differences between Kotlin and Java are:

  • Language syntax
  • Popularity
  • Feature availability

So, you should choose the best language for the development of your application or your team. If you’re a newbie programmer, then Kotlin is definitely for you. It’s more user-friendly and powerful than Java. In addition, if you want to do more advanced projects, then Java will be more suitable for you.

So, these were the major differences between Java and Kotlin. Now let’s see how we can develop Kotlin apps.

How to Develop Apps in Kotlin?

If you have the knowledge of Java, then you can easily integrate Kotlin in your existing project. However, if you have no idea about Kotlin then you have to do some effort to create the functionalities of your app.

Here, in this section, I’ll briefly discuss some of the points to understand in order to develop Kotlin apps.

Kotlin features

Now we will discuss some of the top features of Kotlin programming language, compared to Java.

Kotlin is a Java-like language

The main goal of creating Kotlin is to make it similar to Java. So, most of the syntax of Kotlin is similar to Java. However, as Kotlin is completely object-oriented, it’s possible to add the power of object-oriented programming to your existing project.

So, the main focus of Kotlin is to be simpler and more flexible. In this case, it’s necessary to use a different approach when developing apps.

Kotlin runs on the JVM

The Kotlin runs on the Java Virtual Machine or JVM. Also, the Kotlin language is compiled to the standard Java bytecode.

The main benefit of using the Kotlin is the speed of development. The compiler is so fast that it saves tons of time. So, this speed makes it possible for the project development.

If you have developed apps in Java, then you’ll love Kotlin as it’s the right step to transform your code into a more efficient and optimized one.

Kotlin is an open-source language

As Java is an open-source language, Kotlin follows it. The team behind Kotlin also published the source code on GitHub. So, this is a good thing. When Java is open-source, then it becomes more usable. It’s also easier to improve the code in it.

Kotlin has been designed for the Android.

The main language for developing Android apps is Java. So, this makes Kotlin the replacement for Java in Android projects.

Kotlin offers a different syntax for the Android apps. This makes it easier for developers to work on Android apps as the syntax is not confusing. Also, you can use the different data structures to simplify the code.

Kotlin is object-oriented

The language supports the objects in Kotlin and the classes. As Kotlin is completely object-oriented, it makes it simpler and easy to develop and run the code.


Kotlin is the modern programming language which is used to develop Android apps. It provides a good approach to coding the Android applications. By using the various functionalities, Kotlin is better than other programming languages like Java. So I recommend to learn Kotlin.

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