Is Golang dying in 2022?

Is GO dead in 2022?

When released, Go brought a huge boost to the web development and software engineering community, and it has a number of advantages over other web programming languages such as Python and NodeJS. Recently I read that some people argue that Go popularity decreases. But is Go really dying? What is Go? Go is a general-purpose, … Read more

Will PHP die in 2022?

Will PHP die in 2022?

PHP is the mainstream programming language of choice on servers and many of its extensions are widely used today, but it’s no secret that PHP has its own problems too. The language is used to build everything from dynamic websites and content management systems to enterprise-level web application frameworks. However, a lot of people still … Read more

Does Java have a future?

Is Java dying in 2022?

Java has been around for more than 25 years now. Although it is still widely used, a growing number of Java developers are already questioning whether or not Java is still popular. For those who are unfamiliar with Java, it is a computer programming language that runs programs on various devices and platforms, which is … Read more