How to setup Gunicorn and Nginx for Django on Debian

Installing and configuring Gunicorn with Nginx on Debian

If you develop your project on Django, then you probably know that you need a web server like nginx to serve your static files: images, stylesheets and so on. While Django has its own ability to serve static files, you should use it only during development. In this guide you will learn how to install … Read more

Fixing TemplateDoesNotExist Django error

Fixing Django TemplateDoesNotExist error

Django is a popular Python web framework. Because it is popular, a lot of people are learning Django. And if you’ve just started learning Django and are stuck with TemplateDoesNotExist error, see the solution in this article. “TemplateDoesNotExist at /” error So, when developing your Python Django web application, you can encounter the following error: … Read more

How to install Django, MariaDB on Debian 11

Configuring django with MariaDB on Debian

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Django, MariaDB on Debian 11 (codenamed Bullseye) from official repository. This tutorial also applies to all Debian-based distribution, for example, Ubuntu. We will use Debian 11 because it is one of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions and is a well supported operating system. Installing Python … Read more

How to fix BadLength (poly request too large) Xlib error

How to fix BadLength error

In some of Xorg Linux applications you might see the following error when you use certain Unicode characters, like “❔” (fancy question mark): The numbers can be different, but the error persists. Typically, it crashes the application. There are various solutions to this problem, but I found the most optimal one. You just need to … Read more

Will PHP die in 2022?

Will PHP die in 2022?

PHP is the mainstream programming language of choice on servers and many of its extensions are widely used today, but it’s no secret that PHP has its own problems too. The language is used to build everything from dynamic websites and content management systems to enterprise-level web application frameworks. However, a lot of people still … Read more

Is Haskell really hard to learn?

Is Haskell really hard to learn?

Haskell is known as a hard programming language. For many people, the difficulty comes not from the language syntax and type system, but from the language culture and the Haskell libraries. The question is: “Is Haskell actually really hard to learn and then use?”. One could write an entire book about all the difficulties one … Read more

Should you upgrade Ubuntu?

When should you upgrade Ubuntu

A lot of users decide whether or not to upgrade Ubuntu Linux with a simple “Yes” or “No” answer. However, you don’t have to do that — you can find out for yourself whether the new version of Ubuntu is a good fit for you with the following questions: “Will this new version solve all … Read more

Is Kali Linux good for programming?

Is it Kali suitable for programming

Kali Linux is free and open source software used for penetration testing, ethical hacking, red teaming, network security and so on. What are the benefits of using Kali Linux for programming? Kali Linux is good for programming because it has many tools for working with the terminal, IDE and GUI. Kali Linux provides a large … Read more