Should you learn Java or Kotlin?

What should you learn - Java or Kotlin?

The Kotlin popularity as a Java alternative is growing. Do you want to see what this popular language offers to programmers? Or is Java already a good option for you? The Java vs Kotlin comparison below highlights the differences between the two languages. The Kotlin Programming Language is a general-purpose programming language which means that … Read more

Is Python easy to learn?

Is Python easy to learn?

The popularity of Python has spawned a vast amount of resources and articles on learning the language and programming techniques used in the language. Most of these resources focus on the theory of the language and Python in particular. However, one aspect that is often forgotten in these articles is the ease of learning the … Read more

Why should you learn Python?

Learn Python

Python is a dynamic programming language which is highly popular in the programming world. It is usually called as the ‘programming language for the 21st century’. In this article, we will discuss why should one learn Python? It is one of the important skill that is needed for the programming world. If one can write … Read more